The CTS Temp-to-Hire Advantage

Why take unnecessary hiring risks when you can test an employee’s suitability before making a permanent offer? CTS offers temp-to-hire staffing services that allow you to evaluate a potential employee’s performance and cultural fit on the job. Once the contract is up, you can hire them permanently, ensuring a seamless transition for your company and the employee.

Tailored Workforce Solutions for Every Industry

At CTS, we understand that different industries have different workforce requirements. That’s why our laser-focused workforce solutions cater to the specific needs of marine, shipyard, skilled trades, and industrial employers. Industrial temp-to-hire services are one of the most in-demand solutions we offer

Why Temp-to-Hire for the Marine & Shipyard industry?

During peak seasons or busy periods, use temp-to-hire staffing to quickly onboard skilled tradespeople for ship repair, maintenance, and construction projects.

For projects that require specific skills like carpentry, plumbing, or electrical work, temporary skilled tradespeople can be employed and later considered for permanent roles.

Hire temporary workers for specific industrial assignments or tasks and assess their capabilities before offering full-time employment.

In light industrial manufacturing, where production cycles may vary seasonally, temp-to-hire provides the flexibility to adjust the workforce accordingly.

Hire temporary marine technicians and shipyard workers to address repair needs promptly and transition exceptional performers to permanent roles for ongoing maintenance projects.

Engage temporary welders and fabricators for niche projects, ensuring they meet the technical requirements before making long-term commitments.

Temporarily augment your workforce during scheduled plant shutdowns or turnarounds to ensure smooth operations and avoid workforce shortages.

Engage temporary heavy equipment operators for specialized tasks, such as crane operation or rigging, and transition them to permanent roles based on performance.

In industries with fluctuating demands, such as manufacturing and energy, temp-to-hire allows for agile workforce management to match changing needs.

Temp-to-hire is ideal for apprenticeship programs, allowing employers to mentor and assess trainees before offering them full-time positions upon successful completion.

Engage temporary skilled tradespeople during emergencies or breakdowns, ensuring quick response times while evaluating their expertise for long-term employment.

Use temp-to-hire to provide job training and assess workers’ abilities in a real-world setting before committing to permanent contracts.

Temp-to-hire allows you to ramp up your workforce quickly for large projects, with the flexibility to retain the most suitable candidates for long-term roles.

Why CTS for Temp-to-Hire?

You might be surprised how many use cases there are for temp-to-hire services. As an industrial temp-to-hire recruiting firm, it’s our job to provide services that align with your business objectives. CTS is more than a staffing agency; we want to be your strategic partner in industrial talent solutions. With a vast talent database and over 100 years of combined experience in the marine and industrial sectors, our leadership and recruiting experts are valuable resources for you to use in your business.

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